Why JAKE Media

We know that you need a marketing expert on your team, but not just anybody. You need a service that performs as an extension of your business to create maximum exposure for you. This all for the purpose to take your brand to the next level.

JAKE Media has profound experience in exactly what you need.

Let us help you to make your brand different from the rest.  


About JAKE Media

JAKE Media is an agency with more than 16 years’ experience over the wide spectrum of the media landscape. We are your one stop service for all the branding, marketing, digital marketing and public relations services that you need.

Our approach to marketing your brand is to develop a process that will fit your very needs – this will improve how clients perceive you and make sure that you get the exposure from new clients that you need.

We are a fully functional team with different experts in each field to customize a unique marketing plan just for your brand.


What We Can Offer You

JAKE Media has a wide variety of services in the media spectrum. We will customise each service to fit your marketing plan and needs. 


Content Creation

We are the masters in generating content and copywriting for your business. We understand that you are a functioning company, but you need someone to generate the content and transform it into something that you can use to create awareness for your business.



Whether it’s internal newsletters, external magazines, or any form of media that needs to be developed, we are here for you. With the full package of attending events, taking photos, doing interview videos, writing articles and designing the layout, we’ve got you covered. 

Social Media

Social media has become a crucial part of business growth. We will help you with strategic planning and management of your social media platforms in order to optimally utilize them for maximum exposure. Your social media needs to be integrated into your marketing plan.

Website Design and SEO

The digital world has already emerged on us and we need to make sure that your business is on the virtual map. Part of our services are professional website design, hosting and SEO for your business. We develop custom website to your needs and according to your marketing plan.


Public Relations

Liaising with the media for brand exposure for your business is our forté. Getting the right media for your target market is key. We develop and write press releases, make sure that you get the most exposure via editorial content and plan your ads in the most unique way.

Marketing Plan

This marketing plan should be the foundation on which you do all your marketing. With your budget and unique needs in mind, we will create a plan for you to make sure that all your media endeavors stick to the global plan and objectives. 

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